Decent SciFi.....

    Does anyone have any suggestions for some good SciFi series to get my hands on? I have watched all the seasons and any spin off movies of:

    Stargate Atlantis

    And I'm currently starting to watch the new Battle Star Galatica series, although I'm only right at the beginning of season 1. I've never been a big trekkie fan but I did like the guy who is in the new series when he was in Quantum Leap. Nothing else I know of leaps out at me to watch. I seem to be a curse to all SciFi as all my favourite shows get cancelled prematurely :-(


    Star trek- generations or voyager.

    If you google it you might come up with something.

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    I don't mind star trek, but all the series that were on when i was a kid (15 years ago) never really gripped me so I've never been inclined to re-visit them

    Doctor Who (old and new).
    Deep Space 9 is a Star Trek fav of mine.
    The first series of Space 1999
    Blake's 7
    Less seriously sci-fi is Futurama. I also enjoy Eureka for a more humorous sci-fi kind of show.

    Old Sci Fi lol

    The Tomorrow people
    Logans Run
    Origianl 'V' Kind off....

    All that springs to mind !


    For an anime you might like the series Planetes.

    Don't know bout sci fi. But Smallville and Heroes are really good

    Babylon 5, UFO, Seven Days, Lexx, Andromeda, Earth: Final Conflict.

    check out fringe - it's a bit of a slow starter - but if you give it chance for a couple of episodes it's brill.

    they are just a the end of season 1 now.


    Old Sci Fi lolThe Tomorrow peopleLogans RunOrigianl 'V' Kind off.... … Old Sci Fi lolThe Tomorrow peopleLogans RunOrigianl 'V' Kind off.... :)All that springs to mind !maxmix

    'V' now that was a good series, very tongue in cheek, and how much did I fancy Diana and Lydia until I found out what they were lmao - Also starred Robert Englund pre Freddie Krueger days :thumbsup:

    yup same as you, never a big trekkie but the series enterprise did get me hooked completely, also give heroes a spin and andromeda is quite easy watching.

    Awww can't believe no-one's mentioned Red Dwarf. I still watch those. Drives my daughter potty when I sing the theme :-) not overly sure on the recent "back to earth" trio but it may grow on me.

    Without a doubt you should watch Babylon 5 - probably my fav Sci-Fi series other than Firefly. Also, noone's yet mentioned Space: Above and Beyond, it's a bit different and well worth a watch.

    If you fancy some Sci-Fi Anime then things like Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Cowboy Bebop etc. are worth a look.

    Space 1999

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    Cheers for the suggestions guys, I'll be getting my hands on some of them soon......

    Cowboy Bebop is AWESOME, already watched all of them

    I'd avoid smallville like the plague unless you like one tree hill with laser beams. He can't even fly????!!?!?!?.

    1st season of heroes is incredible but then it degenerates progessively into a pile of steaming crap that should have been killed off.

    I'm going through fringe and I'm mildly enjoying it, sort of x files meets csi but slightly funnier in places also currentl watching the 4400 and I'm really enjoying that.

    I'd also recommend the sarah connor chronicles, some of the best written sci fi in years. Incredible show.


    Babylon 5!!!

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    Cheers ants97 for the Sarah Conner chronicles suggestion. I'd forgotten about them. I also for some reason have a soft spot for Chuck although it isn't SciFi


    Babylon 5!!!

    i banned my hubby from watching it next to me while i was sleeping in bed as somehow hearing it in my sleep gave me nightmares lol

    i liked deep space nine more than babylon 5.

    this is a great sci fi series... much less well known tho....…8-1

    autolesbonaI'm currently starting to watch the new Battle Star Galatica … autolesbonaI'm currently starting to watch the new Battle Star Galatica series


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    Extreme fitness

    Got to love SciFi babes
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