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Found 20th Apr 2007
I am looking for a decent set of speakers (preferably surround sound) at a budget price to be used with my Xbox 360. I intend to use my 360 as a DVD player as well as console so will be looking for speakers that are suitable for this.

To be honest, I am working on a budget at the moment and dont really want to spend over £40, maybe £50 at a push.

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if you want surround, you'll need speakers with either optical input, or settle for stereo input where the speakers upgrade to 5.1.

The xbox 360 only has optical or stereo audio output.
:oops: It might sound a bit daft but whats the difference between optical input or stereo input?

Does anybody have any reccomendations please?
optical is 1 plug that carries 5.1 (surround) sound in the form of light - ]http//ww…jpg

stereo is the plug that you have for your headphones - ]http//th…jpg

what the xbox 360 actually has is 2 phono outputs which carry stereo sound information (i.e. left and right only) but the cable should have come with a converter from phono -> stereo - ]http//ww…jpg

What you therefore need is one of the following:-

A 5.1 speaker setup that accepts optical input (expensive)
A 2 or 2.1 speaker setup that accepts stereo input
A 2 or 2.1 speaker setup that accepts phono input
The optical option is something like this (rather expensive at £200)

Right. So best bet would be to look for a 2.1 setup considering my £50 budget.

I intend to use a VGA cable to connect it to my monitor. I understand these have 2 wires from the cable for sound. Would I have to connect these to the speakers rather than going straight to the box?

Thanks for your help btw. :thumbsup:
I don't understand your question.

The vga cable looks like this - ]http//ww…jpg

One end plugs directly into the xbox 360. The vga plug slots into your monitor. There are 2 phono cables which can either

a) Be plugged into a speaker setup that accepts phono input (e.g. a hifi separates system, or a hifi with phono input)

b) Be plugged into the phono -> stereo adapter (that came with the cable if you buy the official one) and plugged into a speaker setup that accepts stereo input
That makes sense. Sorry, I am not too 'up' on all this stero and optical business but you have enlightened me!!

So i will look for a 2.1 system that accepts stereo input. I think thats the best bet. I don't suppose I could be a pest and ask you for an example :oops:
I plug my xbox 360 using the phono sockets into my HiFi.

When I travel with the xbox 360, I use the phono -> stereo adapter to use it with an old pair of "yamaha" speakers I purchased almost 10 years ago.

If you hang on a second, I'll have a look and see if I can find some suitable 2.1 speakers and post a link in a second.
Right... after an exhausting search this is what I've found!


It's creative (therefore good quality sound) and all the reviews seem excellent.

From what I gather there is an audio cable which you can detach, and plug your phono -> stereo adapter straight into the speakers. HOWEVER you will want to confirm this with Amazon before purchasing, as I'm not 100% sure that this is the case, and certainly don't want you to buy it without checking. I've searched around a lot of websites but can't get confirmation of this. All the creative speaker sets I have used do indeed have this setup (where you can remove their stereo cable, and attach your own plug) but I'm not 100% sure that this setup does.

I think something like this is your best bet, anyway.
:thumbsup: markwillis your a top man!

Thank you very much for your help it is greatly appreciated I would have been prodding in the dark and no doubt ended up buying something useless.

Rep added. Thanks again
No worries but do try and check before buying or be aware that the speaker setup may have to be returned in the unlikely possibility that the audio cable can't be detatched from the speaker system :-)
Certainly will do! Cheers!
hi can u explain if i bought these speakers can i use them to connect to a tv and play it on my xbox 360?
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