Decent USB C hub for Mac M1 Air (4-5 USB A ports - good value.. lol)

Posted 8th May 2021
Looking for a good hub to use with my new Mac M1 Air. Ideally i'd like something with an emphasis on USB A ports.. I use a lot of external devices, like midi controllers etc.

I'm currently using this old USB hub which does work.. but has some undesirable behaviour like getting very hot, making a clicking noise and losing connection when you insert new devices - basically not ideal!!

Problem with most hubs I find is they only offer like 3 usb slots, and then waste space with things like SD card readers/VGA ports etc :P

Seems like a bit of a minefield on which one's are good and won't make your mac explode, so would appreciate if people had suggestions on hubs they have personally used with the new Macbooks.

Cheers for any suggestions though! The Macbook M1 Air is brilliant, but the lack of ports is a bit annoying :_)
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