Decent value PSU - 350W~?

    Hi guys, I'm after a decent (but not too expensive, since I won;t have this PC much longer) PSU for:

    AMD Barton 2500+
    2x ATA drives
    1x SATA drive
    x1650 AGP graphics
    2x 512mb RAM
    2x DVD-RW

    I imagine 350W should be fine for this.

    I liked the look of that Antec PSU, especially with removable cables, but my current Antec PSU (TruePower 360W) has been an absolute nightmare so I want something different if possible.


    Jesus, you want a 500w for all that, 350 won't cut it.

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    For real? I used a power rating calculator thing and it came out at like 220W or something, I just tried my parents PSU to confirm mine was faulty and it worked fine; parents PSU is 260W btw :P

    Yeah, realistically, you're definitely gonna need more than 350w, especially since you'll probably be using usb stuff as well, as soon as you try to run a game or anything, that's gonna lock up on 350w, I don't even think it would be able to manage disc burning actually.

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    For real? I've played heaps of games on here, using dual monitors (both at 1680 x 1050) too! Hmm.

    Any advice on a power supply? Ideally less than £30 since I'm getting a new PC soonish

    Get something decent, preferably over 400w, you should be able to get one for under £30 but I'd recommend getting it from somewhere local and not online since they cost a lot to post.

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    Hmm true, I don't really live anywhere near a decent PC store though, I've got free delivery at Scan though so I guess I could try there. Or maybe Play or Amazon but that's maybe pushing it!

    Scan's a good one to go for.

    This should work fine for all that…b/0 Excellent price for a decent psu
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