Decent voice mic and a bluetooth enable HOME phone-I'm having trouble finding either!

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Found 6th Jun 2007
I'd like to fit the maximum 1Gb of Dell Dimension 4550 Memory
2*£25(plus bits to make £30) - I can't decide whether PC2100 or PC2700 is correct, as I'm not with the PC right now. Is 2700 backwards compatible to 2100? I can't find a definite answer.

I'm also on the lookout for a good quality voice mic around £30, (and a wind noise pop guard baffle thing whatever they're called!) for recording podcasts etc - the logitech piece of crap doesn't make the grade!

And finally, another thing I'm drawing a blank on is a HOME phone, that can connect to a bluetooth headset. I've googled myself silly. If someone knows where I can get one with the GoogleBonus I'd be chuffed!

Many thanks

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