Posted 7th Dec 2022
Visited Aldi in Stowmarket yesterday and found a red label on their power tool chargers. Down from £15 to £14.99.

Member of staff said red labels are reserved for reduced price and clearance items. The item was reduced in price so what was I complaining about,

Anyone else found misleading promo's in Aldi or other stores?
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    What's misleading? the before and after price are there on the label for you to make an informed decision on if you want to purchase. If it said was £1,500 now £14.99 that's misleading. I tend to look at the price and figure if I want to buy it, the before price makes no difference.

    Situations like this if your concerned about the price in stores you're best complaining to head office, people in the stores generally have had no say in what the prices are and I get you want to complain to someone, too many people direct it at the wrong people just because they're there. They cant do anything about it. (edited)
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    What are you complaining about?
    Yeah, not sure either.

    Member of staff said red labels are reserved for reduced price and clearance items.

    If my maths is correct, and I may be a little rusty, but I'm 99% sure that £14.99 is a reduction from £15
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    You know I do find to be misleading.

    A lot of large supermarkets use the price per 100g or 100ml or whatever but they don't have it on the promotion price.

    Me sweating next to the cereals trying to figure what is better value, the larger pack that is full price or the smaller pack that has a Clubcard price on it
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    I'm with the member of staff - what is the nature of your complaint.
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    I agree with everyone else.

    But just to add, it doesn't matter what colour they make the label or if its anything different to other items. Just becuase it's red shouldn't mean that it's discounted at all, more that they want to get your eyes to notice it.

    Some things are worth arguing about, this certainly isn't one of those.
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    The moral of the story is your only saving 1p on a red sticker item .
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    At least it was a reduction, I have seen "offers" like "£9.99 each or 2 for £20"
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    I agree with the OP. This is a con. Making out it's a significant saving only to find out it's a saving of 1p
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    If you’re looking at the previous price to decide if it’s worth buying the chances are that it was going to be an impulse buy “because it was cheap” and that you didn’t need it anyways.

    Always look at the current price today. Use that to decide if it looks like good value for money to you or not. Don’t get pushed into buying just because there’s a big discount.

    I appreciate your point that it’s not really an amazing deal or anything, but £14.99 is indeed a reduction from £15. They aren’t misleading you nor are they breaking any laws.
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    I'm amazed that you even wasted yours (and the member of staff's) time bringing this to their attention

    Nothing to see here....
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    Big up the Stow massive!!
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    1p is not much of a reduction. When I see 1p reduction I don't buy the item because the red sticker makes me think I'm going to get a great deal or big discount ( the disappointment on seeing only 1p makes me feel like I've been fooled by the red sticker. I get upset and sad!) So I don't buy it. Lol.
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