decided getting xbox 360 and tv for bedroom nxt month but...

    hwoever wen i get my xbox 360 i am wanting to hook it up to xbox live. what will i need? plus my broadband in the back of my computer is a USB....someoneone mentioned soemthing to me i dunno im crap with computers...i have a phone socket thing upstairs cud i use that ? please advise and help me


    if your broadband is in your bedroom then you can use the ethernet wire which comes with the 360. connect one end of the wire to 360 and the other end to your modem.

    if your broadband is however in another room then you need to buy the 360 wireless adapter which costs around £50 at pc world. attach the wireless adapter to the back of the 360 to pick up wireless signals. however you will also need a router (about 25-30 quid on ebay) which you attach to the modem. the router sends wireless internet signals from your modem to the wireless adapter on your 360.

    hope this helps!

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    yes helps alot thanks. i understand it all apart from one thing. i asked my sister and she said tht i will need a special router because it is a usb broadband the one from bt little blue box thing????? as you can probally tell im an absolute novice when it comes to hooking things up. keep the advice coming please

    If your new, i'd recommend getting a friend to help you however,
    [url][/url] may help.

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    have i got a cable connection or a adsl ? eh? all i can tell you is wot plugs into the back on my computer is in the usb port going from tht is a little blue box witht he words ' BT voyer 105 ADSL modem....hahaha just anwsered me own questions right....cheers lol :w00t:

    if you visit the netgear site they will show you which adsl routers work with the 360. i am pretty sure most do. in my opinion netgear routers are great.
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