Decided to waste my money on a Ipod touch

Any buyers advice i need to look out for?


what do you mean?

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what do you mean?

Well i know there are different versions out, newer models etc, how do i know which is the latest, and how do i know its the latest, what size is the best to get, not big on keeping vids on it etc,

the easiest way to spot the latest version is that it has external volume controls on the left side-also has a speaker(not very good tho).

as for size-depends on personal needs I guess,but 16gb is probably sufficient if you arent interested in video tbh.

why not just buy an iphone now they are cheap as the new ones out

I'd personally would only buy a new 1,but as you asking about how you can tell the age,then you don't mind if used.
My partner's is a 1st generation 1,he says it's 1 of the best things he ever owned,bet he woudn't mind an iphone instead these days.I always get his engraved for free at Apple store,as he had a few ipods over the years.
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