Decking A Patio - How Much Will It Cost?

Ive currently got a very uneven patio which looks unsightly. Plus it is very low when coming out of the house and is fairly dangerous for my little one.

Be great is anyone knows a rough cost (Cheap would be good) of how much it would cost to deck the patio. Approx size is 6m 10cm x 2m 60cm.

Thanks for any help.


sorry i can't help but my brother was after the same info, him and his housemate managed to set light to theirs on sunday night after a BBQ lol

We had a rather large one put in and it cost a couple of thousand. Doubt it will be that much though, does look nice and great to be on out on now the sun has finally come to England.

I'd say about 1500

Not as big as you need but you could buy a couple, just an idea. Hope it helps…ING

I'd guess at £800 to £1200

Mine was roughly that size, about 2 years ago cost me 4-500 for the materials. Fitted it myself.

Would have thought it may possibly be cheaper now.

we're looking at doing a 9mx3m section with balistrades and it's coming in at about £600-£1000 depending on quality a other options.

but this is installing it oursleves so we might be going for the £600 quote and use the rest of the money to pay someone else to do it.

You've just missed a 33% off sale at wikes but it was only on the boards and sticky up bits in the railings anyway so woulnd't save you that much and the quality of the wood in our local one was ****!
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