Decking post spacing

Found 2nd May 2018

I’m looking at building a 3x3m decked area in my back garden, it needs to be slightly raised to accommodate a slope. I’ve looked online about the spacing required between the support posts. I was planning on using 9 posts one every 1.5m. I’ve read different things about the spacing of posts but believe it should be under 1.8m. Can anyone with experience clarify?

Many thanks

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B&Q say 1.5m ideally. They aren't that expensive so I'd go closer as it will be more stable.
Depends what size wood frame your using
We built ours on railway sleepers rather than 4x4 posts
Our decking is about 3ft high and posts are about 1.5m apart in 3 rows
Middle row are staggered to the outer posts
Our decking is approx 11 ft x 25 ft
The more support the better to remove bounce
Also remember to angle decking very slightly so water runs off

And get yourself some Wet & Forget to tackle the inevitable algae/mould you will get.
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