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Deco M4R VOIP and WIFI Calling Problems

Posted 10th Feb 2021
Really stuggling with lack of ability to make phone calls at the moment.
Has anyone else has a problem with their M4 mesh system making VOIP calls from desktop app / mobile phone or WIFI calling?
My setup is
Virgin Hitroen Router in modem only mode
Ethernet Cable to Deco M4R in Router Mode
Ethernet Cable from Deco to Switch
Switch to other decos and computer / tv etc.

Internet speeds showing 250mb+ on desktop 180mb+ on phone, can watch on demand etc no problems. Facetime audio works fine on phone connected by WIFI. We dont have phone signal where we live.

But trying to make a call over WIFI Calling (with Three) doesnt work. Neither does Yay or Circleloop apps on phone or desktop for calls.

Any ideas why? and why it has suddently become more of a problem over the last 5 months?

Many thanks for your help.
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