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Need some help guys!

Due to be decorating my room, but its quite a small box room. Were talking about 6' wide by about 12' in length.

I'm planing to have a 4' bed a wardrobe and hopefully not much else.

I really need advice on colours for the walls, carpets, furniture to make the most of the space. I know you are all probably going to say have light walls and carpet, but would prefer colour whereever possible.

Thanks in adance guys


boring i know but i always go magnolia as you can add colour in furnishings which can be changed when you get bored of it.

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Thanks forthe quick reply sonia!

What about colour carpet? I like the whole dark wood look which could be on the bed frame and wardrobe.

You could paint horizontal stripes on the shorter walls giving the appearance of the room being wider than it is.Not too many colours,that would be too psychadelic,choose two colours,preferably one of them a light colour and something to nicely contrast or go with it.Colour is personal,it depends what you and cream colours are popular at the moment so you will be able to get plenty of accessories to match,curtains,bedding etc.

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yer that sounds like a good idea mucky. thanks mate

Black gloss should create an 'interesting' living space...

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surely black would close the room in, and look a bit gothy lol

dark wood is good we have dark wood and magnolia walls looks bright but not to modern still warm and cosy .


surely black would close the room in, and look a bit gothy lol

I know, I I would hate my room to be painted in black gloss *shudder*

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lol i know what you mean mate.

Sonia...what colour are your floors?

Have you thought of laminate flooring? Is bright (If you get a light colour!) but not too plain because you have the grain. Is easy to clean and can make the room look longer depending on the way you lay it

Whatever you do - paint the ceilings white! When we moved in here all the rooms had painted ceilings (and they started about 2/3 of the way up the wall after the picture rail!) and it made all the rooms look a lot smaller, darker and dirty

ive got a small box room, ive got a light purple at the mo. ive also had it light blue. but ive always had the celling white.

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Thanks for the advice kelly and esims, I have laminate flooring at the mo, fancied a change, but thinking about it, it might be a better idea. And yes the ceiling makes a big difference! Thankfully mine white(ish)


lol i know what you mean mate.Sonia...what colour are your floors?

all differant but downstairs mainly beige but we have magnolia with all colours throughout


As a decorator, i would advise to go for the magnolia or a similar light cream,barley, oatmeal colour. A pure white ceiling is an essential. So Is brilliant white woodwork. As for the floors, i would recommend a plain beige,cream, or biscuit coloured carpet. With maybe a weave,hayweave effext. Not a fluffy carpet. Or go with the laminate. I work closely with designers,and surveyors.This something that they go for 9 times out of ten in most rooms like this.

Hope i have been an help



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Thanks Roy, it was helpfull. I prefer colour personally, but unless i want to shrink my room i'm going to have to go for the little colours with maybe darker features (covers furniture etc).

For those in the same boat as me, i found a great tool on crowns website. It allows you to upload a photo of your room and change the colour of the walls, floors skirts etc -…te/

Thanks for all the help people REP FOR ALL!!!
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