OK all stripped off and now have to make a decision.

    Do I get someone to remove the chimney breasts, or leave well alone?

    Sorry guys could not resist getting your attention.

    Pretty average semi detached house, about to redecorate several rooms. Need new sofas in the lounge, would love the long corner type ones but however I configure it, room is just too small and chimney breast get in the way.

    Similar problem in the bedroom above the lounge

    Has anyone ever done this in their house?

    How long does it take, how messy is it and is it mega expensive to have it done?

    Appreciate any advice please


    Before reading all your post ... I had a total different image in my head (_;)
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    Tassle's don't cost much?

    Its just not the same without breasts. They add character.

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    Many thanks for the useful info. Far too complex a process for me to embark on just now. Planning to finish it all in 2 weeks.


    It's messy, you'll need to have a builder / structural engineer check the chimney support on your upper floors as you'll probably need a supporting beam adding. It's worth it if you have the time, money and really need the extra space, but yeah, you'll be cleaning the dust from it for a while


    I would hate to move into a house that had had it's chimney breast removed, box rooms are so boring.

    We had chimney breasts in a house I lived in about 10 years ago, we left when I was about 15.
    My parents and their 2 friends removed them theirselves, totally illegal lol. They chucked most of the rubble under the floorboards in the living room as we had 2 huge double cellars. I can't remember what they did but they definitely made sure that all the supports were right in the ceilings and the above floor. I was about 8 at the time when they did it, but it was really messy, very dusty and they also found a few dead birds in there too- so watch out for any dead animals in there!!…3r8 - I thought you were on about this instead!



    first you tease me with being woken up by birds now you do this. X)

    I've got a mate who did this. It was messy. Cost into the thousnds round about 5....10. As they had to take out the whole chimny stack from sitting room to roof and chimny aswell. Scafolding up aswell .. But after all was plastered and finished he forgot to put cables in wall for tv.. Xbox. DVD. So now cables makes it look messy as were if he put them in the wall would have looked nicer. ....

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    first you tease me with being woken up by birds now you do this. X)

    I have always been an attention seeker (_;)

    Thanks for all the info guys. Definitely not going there, the breasts will remain oO
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