DECT repeater/extender

    My missus is constantly complaining about sound quality of our DECT phone, which is located in kitchen. This is the farthest (is that a word?) location from its base station, so she ordered me to find a solution. (and yes, I tried other handsets - same result).

    Due to nature of my setup, the base station must be upstairs, where it is connected to phone line and VoIP ATA, so moving it isn't quite an option. The only phone line connection is upstairs.

    So, obviously, there are only two solutions to this equation:
    1. To buy a long range DECT multihandset kit
    2. To buy DECT repeater/extender.

    The option 1 isn't quite a solution as most long range phones are ugly as hell and lacking features. And the price... ouch!

    The lowest price I can find for…spx RTX 4002D is 75 quid + 7 quid postage (on fleabay).

    Does anyone know where I could get it cheaper? Or recommend some other model compatible with Philips phones?


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