Deep cracks on thumb- remedies to heal

Found 5th Feb
I have Working Hands Cream, but feel it's a bit too late to use this now as the cracks have formed from dry skin already. Can anyone recommend a remedy to accelerate the healing process? Many thanks
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Sudocrem rubbed in and protect with plaster or bandage.
The skin on my feet gets badly cracked and I use Scholl's Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream, it's widely available in most supermarkets and chemists and it works better than anything else I've tried.
Let's have a go at the cause of the cracking as well. We just acquired a dog and were washing hands frequently. The liquid soap we were using was causing problems. Changed to Carex and things are back to normal.

Are you wishing them frequently and are you using soap or harsher chemicals? Or is it eczema?

A chemist may be able to help if the doctor is hard to get to
Savlon is brill
Try germoline new skin it’s nippy to put in but great stuff
My Husband works in all weathers and has found that Snowfire is excellent for healing. You can buy it in Boots.
whatever cream you put on I would recommend you did it as you ready for bed but also wrap them up in cling film. your skin needs to get sweaty then it goes into skin deeper, even if you take it off within an hour or so it will have been beneficial. But on the other hand lol........... If they are too bad and don't heal you should seek medical treatment just in case
I get these and have found that Atrixo hand cream helps
Find an old pair of wool or cotton gloves, at bedtime load up your fingers with Vaseline and put the gloves. Should feel loads better in the morning. In future use latex gloves while working.
Chop the thumb off at the knuckle. When it grows back, the skin will be brand new.
Don't use soap. Use epaderm cream to wash and as a moisturiser. I shower with it to. It's a constant battle and boy dose it hurt when you get a crusty crack in you finger. Chemicals and soap must be avoided.. I even shave with epaderm
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Quick fixes...try Aveno cream first - sometimes the bacteria on your skin are out of whack and this seems to fix that (doctors even prescribe it to babies with eczema, it's good for dry skin all over, face, cracked heels etc. Second use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand cream for daily stuff, especially if your job makes you use drying alcohol gel all the time. I hope that helps.
4TheManyNotTheFew5th Feb

In future use latex gloves while working.

I would rather go with vinyl gloves. just to be sure.

There are gloves ladies use for moisturising hands overnight, I'd guess these days male sizes also exists, but as someone suggested cotton gloves but have a look at website for more indepth answers.

As for soap use Aleppo soap or castile soap
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My mum has this problem. Not all moisturisers are effective. She finds Sudocrem dries out the skin and makes it more prone to cracking. Savlon does nothing, it’s just an antibacterial cream won’t encourage healing. It’s taken her two years of trial and error, but any cream with lanolin works a treat. She lathers it on each night and wears the eczema white cotton gloves to ensure it doesn’t go on her duvet.
Superglue and an holiday (or weekend and a few days of consciously not using your thumbs, easier said than done (fierce)) combined with cream and less washing, but as mentioned best to seek medical advice
Might be worth trying out Udder cream, lots of info on the Web.
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