Deep Fat Fryer Wanted

Found 23rd Jan 2010
I am looking to buy a deep fat fryer, never had one before and needs to have the following features

Large Capacity (able to cook puppodoms)
Not make the house smell like a chip shop (if that is possible)

Will use it mainly for indian cooking, unless someone can tell me what oil to use to make the chips taste like the ones i get from the chinese :-)

Thats about it if someone has any ideas i would appreciate it
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Most commercial chinese takeaways use peanut oil, due to the high smoking / flashpoint.

As for the fryer I havent got a clue, I have a cheap one from argos.
"able to cook puppodoms"

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to report this post to the RSPCA!
"puppodoms" lol.

Anywayyyy... Most indian restaurants use Ghee, which is essentially clarified butter in their recipes. They don't use it for deep fat frying though, so I'm confused as to what you plan on cooking Indian style using this. They use mustard oil in some dishes, but again - it's for shallow frying, nothing more.

As for the "Chinese chips" question, more often than not, they use peanut oil - but have been known to use plain ol' sunflower oil.

I currently use one similar to this: argos.co.uk/sta…62/ which has a decent sized basket etc...

With regards to popadom's, unless you plan on purchasing a large commercial fryer, you will either need to rotate them every few seconds to ensure it's fully cooked (a pain, as larger ones could end up burning), or use a large frying pan and doing it that way. Personally, I'd choose this method. Just be careful.
im looking for one too-have a look at the delonghi models-they seem to have a lot of space
Hi sorry can't be much help re frier as i have an actifry which is fab but. you definitely need an extended warranty as on my third in two years. but....can offer you a tip re poppadoms.i don't deep fry them i spray them really lightly with fry light or similar and put them in the microwave for just under a minute.They taste great and far less fat. ;-) Just though if you considered this you wouldn't be limited to a certain size just because of doing poppadoms in it lol.So much cheaper to do your own instead of the ready prepped ones.

re fryer what about this reevoo.com/bro…ers or moneysupermarket.com/c/s…rs/
In my experience it doesn't really matter what type of fryer you use, they still smell afterwards so the house smells like a take-away. I think the only thing to do is use it in a well ventilated room and keep a extractor fan on afterwards, for quite a while. Keeps the doors shut too. I might be right in thinking that old oil smells more than newer stuff as well, so that could be something to bare in mind (although i could be wrong there).
Peanut oil also known as groundnut oil is a good option, although I use vegetable oil because it's easy to get from the supermarket and I think it's cheaper.
If you want to deep-fry poppadoms and other things you might just be best using a large wok to fry everything in. I prefer to fry poppadoms in a frying pan with an inch or so of oil. That gives good results. It will be hard to find a machine which is big enough for that, an if you do it will need masses of oil.
Any type of fryer should be fine, I think they are all much of a muchness really unless you go for one of those rotating ones or a double one. I don't think you need to spend loads. Find one that you like the look of and isn't too expensive, I don't think it needs to cost over £50 if it's just for home use. I find that I only use mine from time to time as well so don't go overboard unless you intend to use it a lot. I do find it extremely useful for making pakora, bhajis, spring rolls, prawn toasts and anything else with batter, ie. everything which tastes great and is extremely unhealthy. It makes things much easier, reduces mess, and I think it's safer than a big saucepan of oil as no naked flames around and also a thermostat. Just have a look in town or amazon and you'll find something.
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