Deep Space Nine 7 Seriese box set.

    Ok now i Know nothing about Star Trek or Deep Space nine, but i have been asked to find the complete series 7. Now i usually know what i am doing when it comes to finding deals i have googled this and looked around, and i have found this for about £60.

    The trouble is i was given the impression this would be a couple of hundred pounds. So am i looking for the right thing?:thinking:

    Can someone please help me? :-D

    EDIT: Yes its the whole seven series i am looking for, not just series 7!!!!

    lol :oops:


    [url][/url] shows Virgin as the cheapest.

    Virgin megastore have it for £270…450

    If you have a virgin credit card you can get an extra 10% off. Or you could pick up from Woolies for £269

    If they are a real sci-fi nut and you are concerned they want a particular boxset (the Amazon one looks different to the Virgin one) I'd check with individual before you order....
    Edit: on a more closer look they look the same after all - the Virgin photo is rubbish

    an even cheaper option is to buy the seven series seperately from £28 each which would be £196 however these aren't due for release until end of April…ZRS

    If looks as if they are repackaging (slimline versions) the series with a cheaper price.

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    Thanks for all your help gari, I followed the link and in the end i went with THE HUT and i earned 7% cash back through Quidco.

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