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Posted 10th Aug 2019
Here is a UK based app than some users may enjoy listening to and checking out, its interesting and so UNIQUE Enjoy

"Platinum Award Winner of Best Mobile App Summer Awards - Best Designed Mobile App Interface"


Step back in time and experience Earth history like never before. The award-winning Deep Time Walk is a ground-breaking tool enabling anyone, anywhere to take a walking audio history of our planet.

Walk 4.6km through 4.6 billion years of deep time, each metre = 1 million years.
Learn about key concepts from Earth’s long evolution including how Earth formed, the evolution of life, plate tectonics, oxygenic photosynthesis, multicellular life, The Cambrian Explosion, vertebrates, plants, amphibians, mammals, dinosaurs and finally (in the last 20cm) humans.
Understand our species common ancestral heritage and interconnectedness with all life.
Comprehend the ecological impact of humans in the blink of a geological eye.
Time-contextual glossary available to review key scientific concepts.
Mobility-assist mode available for those unable to walk.
What's Next portal for positive action (with organisations such as Earth Charter and

The dramatised audio is directed by Jeremy Mortimer (over 200 productions for BBC Radio) and designed by Jo Langton (a BBC Studio Manager), with voices provided by leading actors Paul Hilton (Garrow’s Law, The Bill, Silent Witness), Chipo Chung (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Into the Badlands) and Peter Marinker (Love Actually, Event Horizon, Judge Dredd). The script is written by Peter Oswald (ex-playwright in residence at Shakespeare Globe, London) and Dr Stephan Harding.

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