Deezer alternative...Sonos compatible advise please

Found 16th Nov 2017

I think there may be a few of us in the same boat here, where we used last years deezer deal for a year and it’s now about to expire.
Does anyone have any advise on which other Sonos compatible music streaming services are available please, and also if there are any deals around?

I’ve seen the 3 months for 99p deal that is on the site but I would like something (ideally!) for another year to save messing about and also a move away from deezer.

Thank you in advance
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If you are on EE you can get Apple Music for free for 6 months which is compatible with Sonos
Feeder had a recent 3month/£.99p premium offer that expires in January. Might have to use another email address option.
Spotify if you're on android. A custom version exists ;-)
Thanks for the replies. What’s the custom version paddy?
It allows all premium features without the fee.
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