Definite date for LOST new series....

    When? I need to plan my weekends around it lolz! Thanks


    February 2nd
    I can't wait

    But that's for the US only, or downloads.

    2nd February according to Sky

    ooo i wonder if we're gonna see a certain HUKD's member in the new series, lmao!

    Ooooo I was wondering when this was going to start, thank you :-D

    I need to plan my week around that so I don't see it

    They made us wait soooo long, but it's going to be worth it

    Are they still lost then ?.

    Original Poster

    So whats definite date for it in the uk?


    Are they still lost then ?.

    I don't know but that guy is still not losing any weight lol guess he got the trunk load of snickers and mars bars and kept them for himself.. :-D

    looking forward to the final season. there are some huge tv shows coming this year-the pacific(follow up to band of brothers),but my tip for the show of the year is scorceses boardwalk empire-looks an absolute belter of a show.

    lets hope lost runs all the way and doesnt continually go off for 3/4 weeks for various stupid reasons as has been done in the past.


    So whats definite date for it in the uk?

    9pm friday 5th february apparently

    Anyone like "V" ?

    is this the series staring BG1?

    Read it's a double episode, it's just the waiting!!!

    think i stopped watching @ series 3, got bored of more questions and never getting any answers the OH has it V+ed but he is gonna have to start from series 1 as hes forgot everything lol


    Read it's a double episode, it's just the waiting!!!

    american journalists got it yesterday-it may leak early(cough)
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