Definition: 'courtesy fart'

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Found 6th Oct 2009
When someone accidentally farts and is embarrased, you should, if you have one ready, let one fly as well. This is a courtesy fart.
This is an opportune time for you to release since then the two fart smells will interfere, and no one will discover how unbelievably nasty your fart is.

Boris farted as he bent over to pick up his shuttlecock at the badminton tournament. Shung Fe felt so bad for him that he offered up a courtesy fart. Unfortunately Shung Fe's rice and eggnoodle fart could not completely mask the liverwurst and vodka fart from Boris, and everyone had to leave the court for 15 minutes.

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pmsl!!! thats just brilliant!!!!!

LOL - btw has anyone had to give themselves a courtesy flush before?

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indeed :thumbsup:
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