Found 27th Dec 2016

After a dehumidifier for many under my stairs in the kitchen.
We have a very cold wall which gets wet especially after cooking and then builds up in mould. Seen mini 500ml ones and 2L ones which are in our budget of under £70. Can anyone recommend one please because there are so many about and I just want a reliable one which works good.


We have a Screwfix one that works very well.

that top one I linked on Amazon has really good reviews and in your budget

i have this for fish tank very good for the price picked mine up on amazon warehouse…c=1

I got a small one from Aldi last year £39.99 and its excellent for a small box room

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Thanks so for for the replies. Seen a few on Amazon also.

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Wonder what the smaller ones are like also. 500ml etc

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Some are lower wattage which I'm looking at to

Get a dessicant type rather than compressor type, they are generally quieter, work better at low temperatures, and the only wasted energy is as heat.

I currently use a meaco dd8l. I thought it seemed expensive at the time, but it is much better than any compressor type I have owned.

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How do I know if it's a dessicant type?

we got this one its very good also warms the room up a bit on full blows a bit of warm air out…c=1

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Over my budget but looks good thanks

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I was told to get a desiccant dehumidifier.
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