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ebac for me though the controls are weird
It depends if you're using it in a cold unheated room or a normal central heated room have a read here…i25

If you're asking about make our Ebac refrigerant compressor type is still going strong after about ten years.
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Can you tell me what the temperature is you dry at?
The atypical time from wet to dry?
How much the moisture go's up in your house whilst drying wet clothes?
How you keep your room at an optimum drying temperature?

Because clothes dry better in warm environs, & dehumidifiers prefer a warm room.
A tumble-dryer becomes "the warm room"

If you empty a condensing tumble-dryer every session there is less moisture in the channel & so dryer air to pull the moisture faster.

we use an Air source heat pump drier which is pretty frugal.
By comparison it takes 18-24 hours to pull 2 litres of water from a room with background heating on this month (oct 2019) via a dimplex dehumidifier bough via homebase as advertised here by a fellowq HUKD'er ..the wattage on full (which you'll need) is "around" 200 watts per hour

I'd do a comparison having done some maths before you jump OP, an ASHP is pretty frugal season dependent but a big improvement on our old bog standard one.
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