Any recommendations for a good dehumidifier? Looking ideally for something that will cope with a 4 bed/maybe biggish 3 bed house. Would be good to have it on a timer so comes on when power comes on? I'm aware of the Amcor one at 99 quid. Anyone have any comments and if you think it is big enough to do the house?


    Have no links, but I gotten a Dehumidifier at B&Q for 130 quid, comes up to top of my leg in height.
    But its really only for 1 room, I moved it around the house for each room.
    But if its for the whole house be best with a BIG one, that you can hire.

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    Thanks, tbh i was of the opinion that in practice only one wasn't likely to be able to do a whole house unless it was locked up for days.

    The one I have, been on for years all day/night still was getting spots on the wall. Gotten a new roof, bleched the walls, let it dry out with windows open for few days, repainted with mould resistant paint. Thankfully it all good now.!
    It would be worth fixing the fault, if you can. Good luck hope someone can help you on this.
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