Posted 9th Dec 2022
I'm considering buying a dehumidifier and have read that there are 2 types either a compressor or a desiccant dehumidifier.I thought I would ask on here to see what the reality is with real world experience from people that own them,that might suggest what's best for me.
I live in a 3 bed home and we don't have the heating on much at all as we can't afford it,so that makes me wonder would the compressor model work in our home as maybe it's not warm enough,I think they are the cheaper version to run too.Any help appreciated.
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    Compressor is best
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    from my experience:
    compressor ones are more energy efficient and noisier,
    desiccant ones are more reliable and quieter. (edited)
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    We bought a compressor. ElectriQ branded one
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    If you house is below 15°C go for desiccant. It might cost more to run but it’ll be more efficient at lower temps. +It put out some heat that can help warm a room.