Delayed order deliviery, what can I do?

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Found 5th Jul 2007
I ordered a…A02 Schneider camera lens from about two weeks ago, next day delivery.
The lens was shown as out of stock, but I contacted them and was told that there would be a shipment arriving within the next two days. I got charged for it on the day of purchase. Four days later, no lens; I decided to give them a ring (after they ingored my second email). This time I was told that their supplier had screwed up, and there is a 4 day lead time. Fast forward 5 days, still nothing, and this time I'm told that *might* get more stock by next Monday.

Now, I really don't want to cancel the order, as the lens is 2-3x the price everywhere else, and I can wait, as much as it pains me. Still, this is ridiculous. I know it isn't their fault if their supplier messes up, but now I'm the one who is inconvenienced.
Now, is there anything I can do to get some sort of compensation for my lost time? Should I maybe try arguing for them to waive the delivery charge? Have you guys been able to get anything out of situations like this?

Last time I was in a similar situation I ordered a monitor off - it was in stock at the time, but by the time they completed their idiotic security checks it had sold out. After two months and about £20 worth of phone calls I cancelled the order. Hope it doesn't end up like this again.

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Sites with some ethics wont charge for goods thats not in stock. In the worst case, this lens may not be back in stock for months but you'll incurr interest in credit card. :roll:

Did you pay extra for next day delivery too? - You should at least get the delivery for free now as means of an apology.

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To be honest, I don't think I did pay extra for next day, as it's not my habit to do so, but when I spoke to a customer rep he mentioned it - maybe they upgraded it because of the delay.
But yeah, ordered on the 22 June. They said that the current estimate was 9th of July. On the 10th I'm going to give them another call - and this time I will try and at least get some compensation...

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Bloody Friday 13.

After 3 weeks of waiting the item is in stock.
It gets sent by parceline next day delivery.

I refresh the tracking page and get "17:02 - Unable to deliver, calling card left". I'd been at home since 15:30, in view of the front door.

No calling card in my postbox either. I call parceline. After navigating through a maze of automated menus I finally get a customer rep. He tells me that the driver has gone home and that they won't be able to see what has happened until Monday.

I tell them that I need the parcel urgently, and thet they screwed up, so they should provide free Saturday delivery. They tell me they can't do that without ascertaining that a delivery attempt was not in fact made... So I can go sit on it and wait till Monday.

Then I ask about compensation, or at least a refund. To this they reply that it's the company sending the parcel that needs to arrange a refund and forward it to me. I'm looking forward to sorting that out.

I looked through their T&C and there is no mention of compensation. What the hell is the point of *guaranteed next day delivery* if it's neither guaranteed nor next day? So, again, is there anything I can do to get some sort of compensation for lost time?

(Oh, and asking microwarehouse to refund my delivery charge on account of the original restocking delay yielded no result either)
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