Regarding calling ya better half back in the States, o2 have a bolt on which enables calls and texts to America to be made for 10p a minute after 7pm (our time, so around 2pm Stateside) i think it lasts til 7am too so it should give ya enough time to make sexy talk with ya lady.

Anyways the bolt on is called "International" (i think) and a one off payment of £5 is required.

Be careful with the free text services with phone companies as i dont think they'll be valid to any Country except Great Britain.

Hope ya get what ya lookin for anyways and my fingers are tired after typin this out on the ipod
I'd just get something that is a cheap pay as you go for a month or two until you get chance to look around and see what you want to do. I worked away for two years and didn't need the constant communication especially as there are big time differences and I'm sure a few texts and a webcam at home or cafe will be enough.
It may be worth considering 3 as a network, 3p per min to the USA (Landlines and mobiles)


And free skype calls without the need to top up - its a pplication on their phones which means you dont need to be at a computer to skype, also free msn messanger


Thats all on Pay-As-You-Go too.
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