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    If your not paid your break then you can do what you like in that break time. If they stipulate you have to stay on the premises then they should pay you.

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    Thank you all!!! Will take a look

    I was working shifts (manager at a chemical company) and due to changes in a support role we were required to stay on site all shift. As we weren't paid for breaks we had no legal obligation to stay on site. We negotiated paid breaks and changed T&Cs on contracts to reflect us having to stay on site.

    We just had an issue with working 12.5 hour shifts. The outcome was if you work 37.5 hours a week you do 3 shifts a week and then every 4 weeks an extra 12 hours shift. This was because we were told we have to have an hours unpaid break per 12.5 hour shift so in effect we work 3 x 11.5 hour shifts a week and then make up the extra hours every month - this is in the caring profession also.
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