delete facebook converstation from other persons side

Found 22nd Nov 2017
If someone was to try and blackmail someone based on facebook messages the two have interchanged how can the victim possibly remove/delete messages on the other persons end. Is it possible? Would blocking the person do this? Thanks in advance
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Is this clearly a friend and not at all about you?
No it’s not possible, I think if you delete your account their messages go as from Facebook user but they are still there
You can’t delete the other person’s conversation.
yes it's possible and very easy to do

first thing is to get hold of their phone

post back when you've completed this first step
Definitely sounding like the innocent person of this story
Odd question
Best is to report to Facebook and Police. Take screen shots of the conversation where they blackmail you.

Don't be a victim..
You should never post anything on a public site that you are not comfortable with everyone else knowing, not even if you could delete it as deletion is no guarantee of privacy.

Employers browse social media to catch employees doing things they shouldn't do. The authorities, likewise do the same so nothing posted online is ever secure.
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