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Found 11th May 2008

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Right - before you start this don't forget it is very easy to lose money, and that a high street bank may be a better % annual yield.
It can be done online - but the companies that offer this will charge a service fee (Google StockTrade) so that will cut into any profit (especially if investing small amounts).
It's not a hobby, there is a tax free limit but capital gains tax eventually applies.
Of course there is but cheap shares are often cheap for a reason - the co isn't making much money, so why would they rise 10p? It's high risk. More well known companies tend to rise without a huge risk, but not as meteorically. You might ve stuck with shares for a decade before you see a decent return. If you don't have that sort of capital to tie up it probably isn't for you.

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hmmm ok so what your saying is id make more money putting it in a bank

No idea off the top of my head - at a guess somewhere around 5k.
£500 really won't go very far due to brokerage fees so you'd be hard pushed to make a decent profit compared to leaving it in an ISA.

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oh ok cheers :thumbsup:

onto next idea - big issue anyone

will jsut wipe the thread now

man i should get a job
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