I've been caught before by some sites saying stuff is in stock then telling me different as soon as I hit the 'pay' button. I always cancel the order immediately.

You may have come-back under the new consumer protection regulations that were recently introduced... I'd have a bash at saying you will report them to trading standards... You can read the regulations ]here.

Specifically - part 2, section 5, subsection 5(a)... "Availability of a product".

Good luck!!

Been caught with ED as well just last month, also for a Samsung LCD TV. They took order + cash then 3 days later said they had no stock. Alternatives offered had really poor spec. It was a week later before card was refunded.

They phoned cancellingmy order for a food mixer, was gutted as my mum had been wanting one for ages and I'd told her I'd buy it for her birthday.Quidco tracked and validated though.

Just emailed them canceling my order and threatened legal action....after two weeks of waiting for Samsung 32" (after seeing on HKUD) and still being told that it would be another week, AFTER they had it in stock and took immediate payment.

Trouble is, i need that cash back from them to get it from Dixons/John Lewis now - I am SEVERELY [email protected] off with ED - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!
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