Why Why Why? What has England done not to deserve this?

    For patients and Visitors alike.


    england doesnt have its own parliament/assembly either
    i dont understand why wales and scotland both have them but we dont
    they get to vote on how money is spent in england via the british parliment but at the same time get to choose how much tax and education will cost its own citizens

    welsh people have discounted uni
    scotts dont have to day for it
    but because im english i have to pay over 3 grand a year
    hows that fair?

    sorry just realised i went into a rant
    that had nothing to do with your post

    not all students in Wales get discounted universty, it's all income assessed, and as the average wage in Wales is significantly lower than that of most major cities in England, it goes a long way to even itself out.
    As for the Welsh Assembly...what powers does it have that you would like an English assembly to have...go on just try and name a few.

    i have to pay £3070 for uni fees a year
    and a welsh student has to pay £1225

    "for welsh domiciled students, the national assembly of wales will pay a NON-MEANS tested grant direct to universities of £1845 per year. therefore the fees paid by you will be £1225per year..."

    thats a quote from the university of glamorgan
    so you are wrong, all welsh students get a lower rate then english

    all im saying is, we all put money into the same pot so why dont we get a fair share?

    so you ignored my point about income differrences between England and Wales then?


    the dandy p;2889290

    so you ignored my point about income differrences between England and … so you ignored my point about income differrences between England and Wales then?

    do you not have minimum wage in Wales?

    yeah just gonna say the minimum wage is exactly the same for England as it is for Wales. i dont want some argument, i was just trying to make the point that english students do have to pay far more then scottish and welsh for higher education. personally i dont think that is fair when the money that subsidies that education comes from the British tax payer and not the resepctive countries/principalities alone. and to try and say welsh people are poorer so they need it seems a tad silly to me, everyone in England is not rich contrary to popular beleive very unfortunate as that is.
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