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    Just searched Google. "Wireless Hacker"…stm

    A recent court case, which saw a West London man fined £500 and sentenced to 12 months' conditional discharge for hijacking a wireless broadband connection, has repercussions for almost every user of wi-fi networks.

    Surely if the network is unsecured there's no need for it to be hacked?

    Ahh, got you now. I misread your OP.

    is there any software that can tell you what computers are connected to your wireless connection??

    There's two train of thoughts here, hacking in to someone's wireless connection to obtain their confidential details (phishing) or purely freeloading for internet use. Two differing crimes?
    Free wi-fi, just nip aong to your local refurbed McDonalds, just enter an email address (relavitely low security) and you can surf for 4 hours at a time, FREE :-D
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