Deleting a XBOX Gamertag`

can it be done?

if so, how?


Delete a gamer profile

You can delete profiles for people that no longer use the console or if someone mistakenly creates a duplicate profile.
Go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings.
Select Memory.
Select the storage device where the profile is located.
Select Gamer Profiles.
Select the gamertag that you want to delete.
Select Delete.
Select Delete Profile Only.

There you go.

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cheers Lee!

still going to Currys this weekend mate?


cheers Lee!still going to Currys this weekend mate?

Yes. Im at work now till monday. Ive got to pick a tv up for my brother in the afternoon so will pop down after. I want to try and pick up Beatles Rockband for £5 in Fop. Ill be able to check out 4 stores. On monday ive got to go past a Currys and a PC world in Plymouth as im going to the hospital to give platelets off blood platelets so may be able to get some there if not in exeter.

You can only delete it from your console though.
There is no way to REALLY delete it as it´s stored on xbox live (if you´ve been connected to LIVE before obviously) ;-)

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cheers chaps. deleted two unwated profiles. only got the one XBL acct now. thanks
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