Deleting and Moving Apps on iphone

    I read somewhere that the easiest way to uninstall apps downloaded from apple store (not cydia or anywhere) is to hold down one of the 4 main icon buttons at the bottom and then each icon will have an 'x'. Then select it and confirm to delete it. Also I understand to exit out of this mode, you just press home buitton.

    Has anyone done this and all ok?

    Mine is 3g and jailbroken and unlocked but so far haven't downloaded any apps from/via cydia but just downloaded free (and not very good ones!) from apple store so want to get rid of them!



    yes, thats all there is too it, just hold down on the app and click x on the apps you dont want.

    Yes- just press down on one of the app icons for a few seconds. A cross will appear so press it. You might then be asked to rate the app etc.
    Works perfectly.:thumbsup:

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    LOL!!! Altho have no idea why!?!? Thanks for the confirmation - will give it a bash tomorrow! Also you can move the apps around as well can't you?

    yeh works just fine as you say: deleting and moving them around. just watch that finger slide to next page lol.
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