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Found 19th Apr 2007
Hello, I just got a delivery of something I ordered 3 weeks ago but then cancelled. The amount went on my credit card and then taken off.

But now, 4 days after the origianl delivery date it has turned up!

Was it theft by accepting the order at the door even though i knew I cancelled it and I know I havent paid for it? Alhough, no, it cant be can it bcause at the time i had no idea what was being delivered If I just keep it, is that theft?

If i phone and ask them to pick it up, and they dont, can i keep it?

Can I just keep it anyway expecting them to eventually take the moneny from my account?

But they cant take it back out my account can they because I havent authorised it as I cancelled the order!


The company in reference is EmpireStores
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ive just found out what it is

keep it boxed and give it a week
Just a week? I asked in another forum too and they said I have to wait 3 months before it's legally mine.
yes you have to wait a while before its legally yours

but give it a week and if they havent rang they probabally wont
Havent had any dealings with EmpireStores, but I would keep a check on your credit card bill, just incase they do try to charge you for the item
my boyfriends dad had the same kinda thing happened to him, he ordered a snoop it didnt come so he rang them and they sent him out another. He ended up with two. When he rang to tell them, they said someone will pick it up and they didnt. So we ended up with one.
I better ring up then at least.
you ring them - they will take it back tomorrow


be brave

the worst that can happen is they charge you - you send it back
The HONEST thing to do is to contact them, tell them that you have received the item although you didn't want it, & ask them to collect it at a mutually convenient time/date (but you have to show willing e.g. don't say Friday 23rd between 9pm & 9.02pm).

Tell them that if it isn't collected within a reasonable period (e.g. 14 days), then you will treat the item as unsolicited (in which case it's yours to keep for free).

That's the honest way, now as for dishonest....:whistling:

my boyfriends dad had the same kinda thing happened to him, he ordered a … my boyfriends dad had the same kinda thing happened to him, he ordered a snoop it didnt come so he rang them and they sent him out another. He ended up with two. When he rang to tell them, they said someone will pick it up and they didnt. So we ended up with one.

:giggle: We ordered something, it arrived and mum put it with everything else (Without telling anyone) it was christmas so a lot was arriving and she forgot that it had arrived - called and had murder with the company, they sent one from the store in a taxi, to our address.

The next day she was taking everything out and then just stopped and was just standing looking into the cupboard. Asked her what was wrong and she said "I dont know whats in this one" opened it and it was the item she had said didnt arrive :oops:

Sent it back to the company with a very apologetic letter - actually got a letter back thanking us for being so honest (was a £100 item) and gave us store vouchers for £50!
Well this is a very high value item (If its what i'm thinking it is!) and i don't think they'll be to impressed to find out you've got it.

Worse they could do is take it back (When/if they find out) and ban you from shopping with them again.

The honest thing would be to send/give it back, But what you do with it is your decision.

If they don't collect it, Then thats there problem and you'll probably get away with keeping it.
you are the person who had the ps3 delivered that you have cancelled aren't you. right, first have you got an invoice with it attached to the outer box with the security sticker on.

second it should have an account number on and you will beable to view your account online. there you can see all transactions and it may be that you have an account with them and that this amount is on there over the 52weeks payments.

third i think they may well take the money again from your card. this way you would of paid for it. if they do you can either keep it or send it back but i would definately say to log in to your account with the account number on the invoice. its located in the top corner of the delivery note. you may have to register first but if its not there then i think you are quite safe to say that you may be having christmas early. .

i would check in a few days too because it may go on then you actually check on account history and transactions too. :thumbsup:
No there was definatly no invoice attached on the outside of the box. All there is is a CD sized sticker on the side with empirestores written on it and My name and address and 'Home Delivery Network Ltd' on it.

Nothing inside the brown box except it itself. No invoice or delivery note.

So confused!
We bought a DVD player from Richer Sounds once and it stopped working so they took it back to repair it and gave us a temporary one to use while they did.
We got a call to collect it and went back armed with the replacement. Hubby went to the counter to collect our one and they never asked for the replacement one back even though it was put on the counter. They even called us back to pick it up as we walked out of the door!
We happily had a spare DVD player from them which my mum in law is now the proud owner of!
at christmas we had a similar problem, however i rang up to let them know, it was only a fifty quid watch so not as expensive as yours, anyway a day later i recieved a phone call from a customer services manager saying thank you for being honest and that we could keep the watch as a good will gesture. I had already brought the same watch from a local store hense why i cancelled the order (delivery date was est a week later) so i still had a reciept, told the woman and she said to take it back and get a refund, so we had a extra fifty quid cash as xmas. Sometimes honest is the best policy? but im not so sure DF would think so if a ps3 turned up on his door lol x
I had someone send me Rampage Total Destruction for the Wii last week, i haven't got a clue where from as there was no senders details. Bizarre!

I was grateful till i played it, now i think someones got it in for me. lol.
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