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    hey...i was expecting a delivery from theHut for couple days now and today my neighbour jus passed over a package. now im confused as the address clearly says my home address and my name yet my neighbour 2doors down got the package. also, am i not supposed to sign for the package?? also also i never recieved any kind of paper in the package for my blu rays, is that normal from theHut???


    were u home when they delivered maybe they gave to neighbour as you were not in?

    Some courier companies will deliver to a neighbour, rubbish policy I think

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    been at home all day..noone rang.. but is there supposed to be an invoice in the package. thats kinda more my concern

    I didnt recieve an invoice for dvd;s I recently ordered, nor was it recorded delivery, just normal post, hth

    That's ok lol I ordered from The Hut, received the item from I Want One of Those, was billed by The Hut, but my online account with them shows the item is still outstanding and they keep sending me emails apologising for the delay oO !
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