Delivering Ebay sold item via Royal Mail

Posted 15th Oct 2020
Hello all.
I sold an item last week on Ebay and posted it with Royal Mail as a second class, not tracked. Today, after 5 working days, the buyer told me he didn't receive the parcel.
I checked with Royal Mail and they told me to wait another 10 working days, if the buyer still didn't receive, I can claim compensation for lost item.
I sold the thingy for £20, so I should be covered as Second class covers up to £20 for lost items. But how do I know it's actually lost parcel and not the buyer lying? Does Royal Mail have a record of delivered untracked parcels?
If I seek compensation for lost item from Royal Mail, could they reject it saying it was actually delivered? Should I wait until I have a final answer from RM before refunding the buyer?
Thank you
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