Deliveroo to deliver 500,000 meals for free to NHS staff @ Deliveroo

Posted 29th Mar 2020…tml

Deliveroo has pledged to deliver 500,000 meals for free to NHS staff at various hospitals to coincide with the end of their shift.

Various companies have already signed up, with Pizza Hut's UK committed to donating 300,000 free meals as part of the Deliveroo announcement according to an insider, while Itsu, the Japanese food chain, also plans to participate. Meals are expected to begin being delivered over the next couple of weeks although this may be sooner in some areas.

Deliveroo are expected to release further details later, I'll update this thread shortly after when this happens

Sky News has learnt that the company will announce later on Sunday that it has begun delivering the meals to NHS trusts, and that it is changing its app to allow customers to donate funds for buying meals for doctors and nurses.

Community Updates
  • Deliveroo is making 500,000 meals available to frontline NHS workers across the UK for free
  • Deliveroo has secured donations of 350,000 free meals from restaurants to date, led by Pizza Hut, who has pledged Deliveroo 300,000 meals, using their network of 700 Huts across the UK to support NHS workers
  • Deliveroo has started delivering to NHS Trusts and will increase this to deliver to more hospitals across the UK
  • Deliveroo is changing its app to enable customers to donate funds and buy a meal for a doctor or a nurse

London-based Deliveroo has been working with restaurant partners to secure donations of free food and will make these available to NHS staff. Deliveroo has so far received pledges of 350,000 free meals. These donations to Deliveroo have been led generously by Pizza Hut, who will include not just pizza but side salads, pasta and other options for NHS workers near their UK Huts. Pizza Hut and Deliveroo have already made deliveries to NHS Trusts in London and will be delivering thousands of meals next week to the NHS. Other meal donations include substantial offers from German Doner Kebab, Itsu, Lewis Hamilton's plant-based Neat Burger restaurant and others. Pizza Hut has also donated funding to help cover the cost of deliveries.

Deliveroo stands ready and hopes to deliver to NHS sites where there is a need for food, whether hospitals, primary care sites or field hospitals, for example sites such as the new Nightingale Hospital at the ExCel centre. Meals will be available over time as Deliveroo works with individual hospitals to identify where need is greatest, raises funds and gives restaurants across the UK the chance to donate meals. Meals will be made available where Deliveroo provides coverage.

Deliveroo will be fundraising to support this campaign, raising funds from corporate and individual donations. Deliveroo will be enabling customers to contribute through the app, so they can send hard-working doctors, nurses and volunteers a meal.

While the majority of meals delivered will go to the NHS, Deliveroo will also continue to deliver free food to the vulnerable during this period. For example, Deliveroo has recently worked with St Mungo's and other charities to deliver meals to homeless people sheltered in hotels in London, and will continue to support such organisations and those in need.