Posted 28th Jan 2016
I ordered and paid for a new washing machine (on-line) at 3.30 pm on the afternoon of Tuesday, 26th January, from Currys. It offered me free delivery and I selected it for the next day - anytime between 7 am and 7 pm. However, by 4.00 pm it had not turned up, so I called their sales team. I was told that my order had been processing for delivery the previous night, but that they had then rerolled the order. Because of this, I was told that I would not be gettting my machine on that day. I asked when I would and was told that they did not know. I did ask for a phone number for the office that had put the order on hold, and was told that they were based in London and that no number was available! I was then told that I would have to wait for them to contact me - which they never did. I called again a couple of hours later and was told that my order was now able to proceed but that I wouldn't get the machine until Friday - not Thursday, the next day - they say that if you order on-line by 9 pm you can get your item the next day but I was told this was not possible.

I took a day off of work especially to wait in for this delivery (which I told the sales team member) and arranged for somebody to collect my 8 year old son to pick up my son from school, just in case the machine had not turned up by then. I'm just wondering if somebody else has been in a similar situation and if they did anything about it? Is there anyway Currys pay out compensation or something for not keeping to a delivery promise (especially when I took a day off of work to wait in) - on top of that, they then said that they could not give me the delivery for the next day (today) and that I would have to wait an extra day again to have it delivered. Thank you.
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