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    I am looking to sell some games and DVDs on eBay but since I don't have any scales I can't calculate how much the postage will cost so I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much 1st class and 2nd class deliveries would cost (approximately) thanks!


    hi weigh it in the post office

    They normally fit through large letter gap if put in a jiffy bag, so 1st class is 90p or 76p 2nd if I remember.

    About 70-75p 2nd class for a PS3 / DVD size comp games.

    Look at what other sellers are charging?

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    Thank you, I've given rep to you all

    £2.49 for recorded, £1.99 for non-recorded

    76p to post a dvd second class.


    Not allowed to charge delivery for dvds on ebay?

    Think thats changed now, sure someone will confirm.


    Think thats changed now, sure someone will confirm.

    Yes Its changed now, you can charge but up to a maximum £2.80 i think

    From the 8th February you are able to charge up to £1.00 for a cd or a dvd and games up to £2.00
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