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    Looking at buying a projector from play, the website says that it will usually be despatched within 4-5 days, when you get to check out it says out of stock, what's the chances that they will despatch within 4-5 days, I'm moving house soon and don't want it coming after I move house


    If you order chances are it will be cancelled.

    They did it to me recently.

    If you really want it, get it from somewhere else.

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    Cheers, do they take the money straight away

    if it's out of stock, don't expect it back for a few weeks.... they take the money once the item has been despatched.

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    Just double checked and it says awaiting stock, not out of stock. Apart from not having any in stock, does awaiting stock mean they are awaiting a delivery? Or am I just being to hopeful

    I've ordered stuff that said 4-5 days from play and sure enough, it was sent out 4-5 days later

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    I've ordered, I will keep my fingers crossed

    Good luck, they cancelled 2 orders from me without any explanation, no email....nothing.

    I don't use them now.

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    I haven't used them for a while, and I don't have the greatest confidence that my item will be despatched by 4-5 days
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