Delivery from 'The Range' question

    Hi - I ordered a gazeebo from 'The Range' a few weeks ago and have arranged for it to be delivered to a caravan site. I have received a text from the courier stating that the expected delivery time will be between 07:00 and 13:00 tomorrow. I'm worried now that the delivery will be between 07:00 and 09:00 and there will be nobody at reception to acknowledge receipt. From 09:00 the reception will be manned. I was planning on travelling up 1st thing tomorrow stupidly thinking that delivery would be after 9am!! I'm now going to travel up tonight so I am available from 7am. The dilemma I have though is because there is nobody at reception until 9am I will have to sit and wait at reception just in case the delivery arrives before 9am. After this point the receptionist will be on duty (hopefully). My question therefore after all that is 'Has anyone had a delivery from The Range?' if so 'Do they contact you 30mins before delivery or if nobody is there to accept the delivery?' The reason I ask is if they contact you beforehand then I don't have to sit outside reception for 2 hours waiting for a delivery that might not even get there until lunch!! Thanks. Before anyone suggests it I have tried to contact the courier on the number they used to text me but no answer. Cheers

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