Delivery Manager Service BBC iPlayer

I installed the BBC iPlayer download manger and when I try and open it I come up with this message "Delivery Manager Service has encountered a problem and needs to close"

How can I solve this?


From what i remember BBC iPlayer Download Manager uses the Kontiki Media Service to distribute and govern its downloads (ie Add DRM etc). Konitiki is world renowned for being a shoddy pile of do do. It takes over your system, is installed without you being aware and is notoriously difficult to stop and uninstall. I'm still wondering why in the blazes anyone would use it but loads of companies still do, Sky Anytime PC being one that springs to mind. The problem is theres lots of different implementations of it and various versions which always seem to clash with each other. I presume thats what your problem is.

Check here…1=2

and further on that site.

Personally I would stay the hell away from anything that involves Kontika. :thumbsup:

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