Delivery of a 26" / 32" TV to India

    I came back from my Holiday from India last month where I made a few good friends.

    One of them asked me, if retailers in UK could deliver him a 26" TV in India.

    Anyone know if thats possible??


    i imagine anything is possible for a price........


    Or you could let him deliver it to yyour house then pay you to organise a delivery to india.

    Cargo, BA

    People send things to relatives in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh all the time. Many of the Asian travel agents in the likes of Southhall, Manchester etc could arrange.
    Getting the thing to India should not be an issue, but getting there in one piece, a different ball game?

    Well, the Royal Mail can deliver a 32" weighing around 18KG in a week for £200, but I wouldn't recommend it. TVs are fragile things, and if it gets too cold or if it gets handled too rough or stolen along the way, you're out a lot of cash. Probably best buying from the homeland, or from someone in the States.

    i was in india last week and seem to recall the prices of LCD TVs not that much different to ours here. would be better off buying it from there direct.

    Original Poster

    Thanks to everyone for their help, I will ask them to buy it there.
    Saves me a lot of effort & as you said rightly, if something happens, its a lot of money.
    Rep added to all. :thumbsup:
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