Found 26th Dec 2007

Can anyone tell me of any cheap courier service for larger items, one on ebay has been mentioned before in various threads but cant find the threads or remember the name

So if anyone has any recommendations let me know


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I think you are talking about Interparcel, but I believe they have suspended trading for now?

Another one that has been mentioned a few times is Payperdrop.

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Another one that has been mentioned a few times is Payperdrop.

Ye thats the one payperdrop :thumbsup: Cheers scooby

Unless anyone knows of any others?

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Just looked on ebay, they don't seem to be trading anymore

Anyone used any others?


Another one that has been mentioned a few times is Payperdrop.

sorry, that's the one I meant. :oops:

There has been mention of another one or two.

OP I don't know whether you've tried the search function.

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Using search is a bit difficult if you don't know the name you are searching for, so no I haven't

payperdrop was the one and as they no longer seem to be trading I am now asking if anyone had any experience with any others.

always used pharos international myself.

they use u.p.s but you get it at at a special rate anywhere in mainland u.k. (about £10.50 up to 30kg)

Parcelworks on ebay I used them last week they picked (well parcelforce did) the seperates CD player up on monday around 1pm and I had a email from the seller on Wednesday around lunchtime saying the item had arrived safely so they had received it in less than 48 hours which is pretty good especially as I posted a parcel recorded delivery first class and that did'nt arrive until Thursday!!
Both dispatched with an hour of each other one takes three days to go around 60miles the other 2 days to get to germany!!
Incidentally via parcelworks with added insurance cost = £20.98
Via Parcelforce price = £68 so a big saving seeing as it still went through parcelforce anyway via an agent!

I used Interparcel only last week !! So i cant imagine they have gone under,In fact they are doing an offer of delivery by DHL for only £6.99 !!!!
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