Delivery shambles! Grr!

    Right, i've been trying to send a parcel for about ten days now. Here's what happened.

    [* Booked and paid for payperdrop- who never turned up. After posting here, I found that they'd stopped many of their deliveries due to losing their DHL contract. After days of trying to contact them, finally got an email back saying i'd get a refund.
    [* Booked another DHL collection- left the parcel with front desk at my building- got back in and asked if it had gone- was told that it had.
    [* Over the weekend, the other Concierge in my building said there may be a problem- someone else's parcel hadn't gone, he couldn't find the paperwork for mine- so there may have been a mixup.
    [* Today it's been confirmed. My WELL ADDRESSED parcel had been collected by UPS and delivered to some company. The company, realising the mistake, called UPS and now the parcel is *apparently* going to be returned here. I phoned UPS to ask them to take it to the intended recipient, but they say, as i'm not the originator of the order, all they can do is return it here.

    I don't know who i'm more irritated with, my Concierge because we pay £200pcm fees and yet he seems unable to sort one large parcel from one small one, or the UPS guy who failed to spot an entirely different address on his collection order to the one written on the parcel. Or payperdrop for that matter- for taking an order they couldn't fulfill!

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