Delivery times for new game releases at Amazon?

Anyone know how good Amazon are at delivering new releases on the actual day of release? I've pre-ordered once from them and it arrived the day after release. I am also a Prime member, so found this quite annoying. Wondering if that was a one-off and they are usually early/on-time?

Shopto and many others get it for you a day before, so i'd pay a couple of quid more to get it on the day rather than a day or two later (plus, being woken up on Saturday morning by the postman is not something I enjoy).

Anyway, any help would be great.

This is in anticipation of God of War III btw, otherwise, I wouldn't generally ask.


Ive never preordered a game from them(that I can remember anyways),but have preordered loadsa blu rays and dvds which have always come either on the saturday before or on the monday release date-never had one late from amazon. have very occasionally even recieved on the wed/thur before release.

Im a prime customer too btw

I'd love to know who delivers the fastest preorder, want to buy lego harry potter but it has to arrive for a present a day after release.

I always got mine on day of release from amazon no problems,
I found good to i pre-ordered a DVD from them that was out on a Monday but got the DVD the Saturday before
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