Dell 1250c Printing faint

Found 18th Nov 2017
Hi, I have a Dell 1250c colour printer, which I've owned for a number of years and printed lots of pages. It's been reliable until a few weeks ago. The black started to print faint so I decided to replace the black ink. Unfortunately the new ink is also printing faint so something else appears to be the problem.
Is there anything else I can try? Is another part of the printer now faulty?
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That link does mention it anyway. Though save a bit of reading. Inside the Toner door there is a removable long brush. You can use that to clean the drum assembly.
Thanks for the responses - didn't realise there was a brush. Just cleaned all 4 holes but still printing faint.

I did download the dell maintenance software and there was an option to tick for non dell toner. The toners I've been using for the last couple of years are compatibles. Unfortunately ticking the box didn't do anything.
I have the feeling it may be a software setting that isn't correct since I updated to windows 10, but can't see anything obvious.
Forgot to say - the colours print fine it's just the black ink
try 'clean printhead' if there is an option in the settings for it
I had that problem and gave it away on freecycle....and bought a new one.

Maybe you need a new black toner or to clean a something, but I got a great deal on another printer and gave up on it.
Welcome to the world of throw away technology.

It sounds like your laser printer needs a new imaging drum/fuser film sleeve, which basically means that your ~ £50 printer is now end of life.

On more expensive printers these 'consumables', which are usually good for anything from 30,000 to 150,000pages, can usually be sourced off Ebay for £8 to £100 and sometimes even more than that. However it would appear that Dell did not intend for end users to replace these on a printer this cheap.

If you want to spend some time looking anyway, your printer may share consumables with the following other models...

Dell 1350, 1355, 1350cnw, 1355cn, 1355cnw, C1760nw, C1765nf and C1765nfw

I still got my 1250c, bought for £49.99 off Ebuyer 4+ years ago. While it was stupidly cheap to buy it has to be said that there is literally nothing worth fixing on it IMO. I say that as someone who used to fix-up and sell refurbished HP Laserjet printers. Still got two > 16 years old HP Laserjet 2200DN/4050TN in use around the office today.
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Just tried changing it 'ICM Adjustment System' but it hasn't made any difference.

I have looked around for another colour laser but there don't appear to be any deals at the moment. The key for me is cheap toners, which is where the 1250c was ideal.
If I could get another printer for £100 I'd jump at it.

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