Dell 24" TFT US to UK Price comparison.

    How come they offer it to US customers for $289, yet for the uk its actually £292? What a joke of a company!



    Its the same with anything technical. Much cheaper in the states, check the prices on sites like and you'll suddenly realise how much they rip us off

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    It's a full £100 cheaper. Bit of a shambles. lol

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    Toon Toon. =)


    It's a full £100 cheaper. Bit of a shambles. lol

    Dell's monitor prices do rollercoaster up and down so I wouldn't be surprised if two months ago it was significantly cheaper this side of the pond.

    Of course, ebuyer have it here for £232 so the actual difference is around £20. It seems to be commonly selling for over there for 280USD:…400
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